For Clinicians

EndoVantage provides clinicians with novel computational tools for the personalized planning of endovascular treatments. With it clinicians can evaluate different endovascular devices, design treatment strategies, and compare treatments for each patient before surgery. As a result, care is dramatically improved and costs are dramatically reduced. Using our simulation platform clinicians can:

Accurately Calculate Aneurysmal Volume and Neck Size:

Conventional calculation of coil packing density relies on drastic simplifications and inaccurate mathematical shape-based formulas. Instead, we utilize the full 3D anatomy of the actual aneurysm to accurately calculate coil packing density and neck-size.

Select the Optimal Coiling Strategy:

By integrating the structural properties of available coils, we simulate coil deployment and post-deployment coil geometry and herniation. This enables the determination of optimal coil size and geometry for each patient.

Select the Optimal Stent Strategy:

We utilize the structural properties of available stents to simulate stent deployment and post-deployment neck coverage. This enables the determination of optimal stent design, size, and length for each patient.

Determine the Optimal Flow Diverter and Placement:

Our simulations reveal flow diverter foreshortening and conformity to the vessel wall. This enables clinicians to evaluate device foreshortening and placement, examine potential perforating vessel occlusion, and determine coverage and device porosity at the aneurysm neck.

* EndoVantage technology not yet available for patient use.

For Medical Device Companies and Researchers


Revolutionary change to endovascular device development is here. Our technology enables the testing of devices and device deployment in hundreds of patients…virtually. Our services include:

Clinical trials

Deployment Behavior in Patients

Device comparisons

Training, sales and marketing

During product development multiple device designs are considered and evaluated. The current practice of physical evaluations in silicone or acrylic models is inefficient and provides limited feedback. Our technology enables the evaluation of devices in patients virtually with a computer or tablet. Using our library of anatomies we deploy finite element device models, providing a realistic and cost-effective assessment of the device’s deployment procedure and behavior.

Our simulations are an invaluable companion to clinicians for successful clinical trials. Using our computational models clinicians can evaluate the optimal device size, placement, and deployment strategy for each clinical trial subject before treatment.

Our validated finite element device library provides new capabilities for comparing device design concepts and available devices.

A simulation is worth a thousand words. Our simulations offer exciting new opportunities in training, sales and marketing.